From August 9, Krzyżowa became the center of youthful creativity. Dance, circus acrobatics and tricks, DIY were just some of the areas in which participants of the "Work Space For Young Artists" could improve themselves.

The project involved boys and girls from 8 to 12 years old. In the disciplines of their choice, they developed skills under the guidance of specialists and educators. The workshops were carried out in English, Polish, Ukrainian, and German. The goal was to integrate children from different countries and different environments. A wide range of games, language, sports and leisure activities allowed young participants to learn how to function in a community, overcome shyness and gain self-confidence. The workshops enabled the comprehensive development of participants and allowed them to discover new skills and find their own path in life.

The Krzyżowa Foundation is a partner in the project "Diversity Together Understanding".
Together with representatives* from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Romania, Austria, Poland, Greece and Germany, moduli ideas on diversity-conscious topics are developed. The aim of the project is to develop versatile teaching materials for an innovative diversity education package that can be accessed online and offline.

Social changes, such as inter-European and international migration and globalisation, affect educational systems and offer both new opportunities and challenges for schools and other educational institutions. In order to cope with such societal changes, educational staff must demonstrate strong social skills and understand communities in order to promote diversity and understanding within a community.

On 24-31 July 2019 youth from Polish and German borderlands met in International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyżowa. The youth was getting to know each other and discovered their cultures during a variety of artistic and sports activities as well as trips. The pinwhole photography and photography transfer to wood, rafting trip as well as workshops about the neighbour’s country let the participants start new friendships and overcome prejudice.

During the project trips to Wrocław, Bardo and Strzegom took place. The project was cofinanced by both PNWM and Interreg.

From 28.07 to 02. August a magical German-Polish school meeting took place in the International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyżowa. It was our next summer project dedicated to the groups of children from Germany and Poland (8-12 years old). We learned together how to communicate despite the language barrier.

In addition to the magical program and magical games, the children were playfully dealing with the question of how they imagine their future, what trust and what courage means. There was a trip to the climbing park, dance and circus workshop, and at the end a magic show. A magician visited the group and learned kids little tricks.

International Youth Meeting Centre

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