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„Przede wszystkim wartości. Teologia polityczna Krzyżowej”- wykład dr. Roberta Żurka na PWT - Wrocław, 7 marca 2017
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7 marca br. w Auli Papieskiego Wydziału Teologicznego we Wrocławiu (pl. Katedralny 1) odbędzie się wykład dr. Roberta Żurka – członka Zarządu Fundacji „Krzyżowa” dla Porozumienia Europejskiego oraz dyrektora Akademii Europejskiej.

15th East-West-European Memorial Seminar: Demarcation and entanglement: Historic border experiences in Europe 29.03-01.04.2017 Krzyżowa/Kreisau

The East-West European Memorial Seminar in Krzyżowa /Kreisau addresses professionals from different European institutions like memory places, museums, memorials, educational centres, human rights organisations, scientific and educational institutions. The main aim of the seminar is to get know each other’s institutions and professional activities, to exchange knowledge about different ways of presenting history in national and local narratives and to discuss bilateral and multilateral questions, which influence the memory about the 20th century.

16-17.02.2017 AECH project meeting in Jena

Dominik Kretschmann, head of the memorial department of Krzyzowa Foundation, taking part in the first meeting of the Jean Monnet Network for Applied Contemporary European History steering group, Jena 16/17 February.

 Convinced that history has a crucial role to play in the process of European integration the university of Jena developed a 3 year Jean Monnet Network project to work upon content and tools of an Applied Contemporary European History.



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„Tej mszy nie wolno nam zapomnieć”

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