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Arousing curiosity and the will to get to know others, looking for similarities and trying to understand differences, learning tolerance and communication skills – these are the essential elements of the meetings in the International Youth Meeting Centre. The history of Krzyżowa plays an important role in our programmes, but the most important part of Krzyżowa for us is the idea of bringing people together. To this end the International Youth Meeting Center brings groups of young people together all year around for workshops, or discussions with people of various nationalities and backgrounds.

Working for young people and with young people in the International Youth Meeting Centre (IYMC) in Krzyżowa is the most important project implemented by the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe. Educational activities have been carried out since early 1990s, in accordance with our educational goals and beliefs.

The Polish-German team of educators carries out about hundred projects for between ten and twenty thousand of young people from Poland, Germany and other European countries each year. Work in IYMC is supported by volunteers from Germany and the Ukraine, and temporarily by apprentices.

A creative and interactive form of The activities implemented in IYMC in Krzyżowa are varying and chnge from year to year. The single common theme is interactivity between people many cultures, either as intructors or students. The variety of programs and activities offered gives young people a wide choice and allows them to follow their interests and predispositions.

IYMC in Krzyżowa is in close cooperation with German-Polish Youth Office. Polish-German meetings which take place here, as well as other trilateral (Poland, Germany and a third country) meetings which meet the GPYO requirements, may be subsidized.