The processes which have been occurring in Europe over the recent years, including, above all, the extreme tendencies growing in European societies which manifest themselves in a high reluctance to respect other people who present different views, make the issue of the duties which we, as citizens, have in relation to the community, gain particular relevance.

In this context, it is absolutely important to create a space which allows for the triggering of creative reflections on the changing world, which will then be accompanied by open dialogue whose aim is to ask questions, sometimes even very basic ones - and to search for answers to them.

We want to create such a place in the European Academy.

In experiencing the past, we see inspiration, which will allow for an understanding of the present. Without it, we cannot talk about any attempts at shaping a better future. Therefore, in our activity, we refer to the three pillars of the history of Krzyżowa - the Kreisau Circle, the anti-communist opposition in the Central Europe and the process of the Polish-German reconciliation. This historical experience brings our attention to the significance of such attitudes as civic courage and responsibility, and the spirit of dialogue and reconciliation.

Our activities include publications, field trips, workshops, seminars and debates. The beneficiaries are people of different nationalities, ages, views and origins. We are bound, on the other hand, by the desire to participate in a mature, dialogue-driven discussion, the aim of which is to get inspiration to act for the mutual agreement in Europe.

European Academy

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