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In Krzyżowa we encourage you to try the vegetarian and vegan diet. Every day we offer vegetarian meals in our kitchen. Why do we do it? Mainly for environmental reasons. For the sake of the planet, it is worth limiting meat consumption.

An information campaign on this topic, in the form of four posters, which addresses various aspects relating to the environmental costs of meat production and other types of food, encourages us to reflect on the environmental and climate consequences of our food choices and try to change our habits. We show that a vegetable diet can be not only healthy, but also colourful/urosized, tasty and nutritious!

A permaculture garden workshop was held on 25-26 June 2021. During the workshop you could learn a lot about how to do things in the garden without doing too much! How to let natural processes do the work instead of us. Among other things, we wondered how the soil can be left undisturbed, and how everything - apart from the weeds - can grow like yeast.
In the workshop we created and layered vegetable patches, talked about growing plants and setting up Guilds (good and bad plant society), made compost tea and hot 18-day compost using the Berkeley method. Tomatoes, cucumbers, beetroot and other greens are all growing for us now!

In June, third, fourth and sixth graders from the Primary School in Grodziszcze took part in biodiversity workshops as part of the project "Food - from tradition to modernity". The main topic of the workshop was the importance of pollinators, among which bees play an important role as they are responsible for pollinating plants which constitute about one third of our food.

During the classes, participants built insect houses, which were placed on the Foundation's premises. They also learned about factors upsetting the natural balance in the environment, leading to the extinction and thus rapid decline of bee populations, such as the use of pesticides, fertilisers, GMO and non-renewable energy sources.

More than ¾ of the world's plant species are pollinated by bees, among other things. The scale of production of crops dependent on pollinators is constantly increasing, thus making our lives extremely connected to these insects. Unfortunately, due to environmental degradation, their numbers are declining.

There are approximately 20 000 species of bees in the world. As many as 222 of the approximately 470 bee species living in Poland are threatened with extinction. Our consumer attitude may change their fate. Let us support local producers and create diverse habitats for life by sowing honey-giving plants.

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