Green Krzyżowa

The surroundings of palace in Krzyżowa is characterized by a highly diverse habitat. In the radius of a kilometer a number of habitats, such as farmlands, unmown meadows, a pond with eutrophic waters and overgrown edges, a ditch with a reed bed, a young deciduous forest, an ancient oak avenue, a wild fruit orchard, numerous lone trees and field plantings, home gardens as well as mown lawns, can be found. The mosaic of habitats positively influences the species diversity of plants and animals. 

In Krzyżowa we are surrounded by songs and trills every day. And although this music is an inseparable part of the landscape of Krzyżowa, we did not know very well the authors of these sounds.

In spring we invited two participants of senior citizens' projects organized for many years in Krzyżowa, hobby ornithologists, Mrs. Alicja Kudarewska and Mr. Andrzej Kudarewski, to walk around Krzyżowa and write down as many bird species as possible.

It took 2 hours to create a list of over 40 bird species in the vicinity of the Foundation's grounds. And it was only on the basis of observation and listening to the birds singing. For comparison - there are about 460 species in Poland, including the fleeting species observed.

We have selected 16 most interesting and colourful birds, which we have described below.

We invite you to check what kind of birds you can meet in Krzyżowa - what they look like, where it is easiest to find them and how they sing.

As part of the development of nature education we have developed notice boards presenting selected topics related to the natural surroundings of Krzyżowa. We want to encourage our guests to discover nature, so the boards will stand in various picturesque places in the area.

Walking around Krzyżowa you will be able to find out how unusual living organisms are trees, especially the old ones - on the example of our Oak Avenue. On the next board, we will touch upon a subject that is not associated with anything unusual or wonderful, because it simply describes weeds. However, after reading it you can understand that they also play an important role in the ecosystem.

The last board is a place where we present the winged inhabitants of Krzyżowa - fourteen bird species that can be found here. We describe their habits, feeding places and characteristics.

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