From 14. - 18. March 2022 22 pupils from Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 3 Wrocław and Albert-Einstein-Schule Langen met in Krzyżowa.

Already during the integration and language animation games it became apparent, that the pupils were very openminded and really wanted to get to know each other. In the workshops on global education and history, they discovered the place of Krzyżowa through a Rallye, learned about the Kreisau circle within a guided tour to the House on the hill and, inspired by that, worked in small national groups on global topics and sustainable ability goals they chose. The beautiful posters they created about how to gain more equality and equal rights in our societies were celebratory handed over to each other on the last evening and promised tob e hanged out in the home schools.

At the beginning of spring, we started a new project called "Making Ourselves at Home" in Krzyżowa. It was a Polish-German-Greek youth meeting that took place from 24-30 March 2022 and was attended by a group of 36 girls and boys aged 15-17.

Students of Campus Efeuweg from Berlin, Liceum Ogólnokształcące nr XV we Wrocławiu and The 3rd High School of Arta participated in classes and workshops devoted mainly to the issues of migration, integration and empowerment. These were topics that are close to them, as most of the project participants had migration experience. An important event of the exchange was the renewal of the wooden, colorful rainbow located on the foundation's premises, which is a kind of symbol of our youth projects. It was created 12 years ago on the initiative of Klaus and Claudia Gust, who have now decided to cover the cost of purchasing the paint for its renovation and came to Krzyżowa in person to take part in the renovation together with young people.

The first day of the Polish-German-Israeli online youth exchange, which will last until 24 March 2022, is behind us. 45 young people from Tychy, Berlin and Yehud take part in it.

Creating a space for dialogue, exchanging ideas for international activities and developing long-term friendship between partner schools are one of the many goals of this year's meeting, which was transferred to a virtual space due to the pandemic. The next four days are a kind of introduction to a long-term project. This is the first meeting of young people, followed by two more, we hope in a stationary form. IIntegration, exchange of ideas, brainstorming, development of a multi-annual action plan - all this will allow young people to develop their social competences and strengthen their commitment to society in the international dimension.

Trilateral Polish-German-Ukrainian youth exchanges have been taking place at Krzyżowa since the Foundation's beginnings. Our statistics show that in the past 10 years alone, 139 international educational projects in partnership with Ukraine have been completed with a total of 1886 Ukrainian participants. These meetings are not only about getting to know each other, acquiring knowledge about another country and culture, or spending time actively. Above all, they are bonds which make it difficult to stand aside when something bad happens to our friends.

International Youth Meeting Centre

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