TEAM OF EXPERTS: Michael Hallissy, John Hurley, Maria Fojk, Karolina Wójcik, Iwona Machoń - Pluszczewska, Jolanta Kolinko; Edited by Iwona Machoń-Pluszczewska, Krzyżowa 2021

The publication is the result of the grant project "Digital mentoring - a new dimension of teaching" co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The authors of the guide are: Michael Hallissy, John Hurley, Maria Fojk, Karolina Wójcik, Iwona Machoń - Pluszczewska and Jolanta Kolinko - an Irish-Polish team of experts from H2 Learning Ltd. and the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe.

(Un)present. Essays on Dialogue, edited by Tomasz Skonieczny, Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Wrocław 2020

"(Un)present. Essays on Dialogue" is the latest publication issued by the Krzyżowa Foundation and Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Poland. It is not only an attempt to show the condition of dialogue in the contemporary world and to present experiences and difficulties which can be encountered professionally while working on behalf of civic education, but also - we hope - an inspiration to oppose the culture of polarisation and dispute.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

(...) The events taking place in Poland, Germany, as well as in many other European countries, which we have witnessed in recent years, clearly indicate that we are less and less inclined to display a similar attitude. Much more often we can observe an increase in extreme tendencies, which are also manifested by a high aversion to respecting those who present different views. One of the signs of the increasing polarisation of societies is the intensification of activities aimed at building a strong group identity - based on the relation "us" - "them". This leads to attempts not only to build opposition with people from outside the community, but even to the exclusion of those who do not fit into the imagined model.

Today at the Foundation, not only online work prevails over working in lively contact with people participating in educational projects, but also our publications appear more and more often in digital form, not in the form of a book that smells of print. The currently presented publication is the result of a two-day online BarCamp organized in June 2020 together with the Kreisau Initiative e.V. and Freya von Moltke Stiftung, to participate in which we invited youth work specialists from Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

The subject of BarCamp was reflection on the current situation of historical and civic education in our three countries. Innovative methods, which we are currently developing in order to maintain the existence of non-formal education, especially historical and civic education, played an important role here. The publication summarizes our experiences related to the implementation of BarCamp online. The entire chapter is devoted to ideas on how to transfer popular integration games and energizers to virtual meeting spaces. The publication is now available in English on our website and can be downloaded for free.

The online-manual contains selected methods, revised and developed by the participants of the project. The methods show on the examples of German-Polish and German-Greek history, how to work with the approach of entagled history within the context of non-formal education work.

Additionally the methods can be used in different contexts (cultural, religious, national, social).

The publication is available online in English: PUBLICATION

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