Krzyżowa, as a place of historical significance, has for a long time been of interest to various international circles. This subject became particularly important at a conference devoted to the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Eugen Rosenstock-Huesse, which was held in the American town of Hanover in the Summer of 1988. Other international conferences devoted to the issue of Krzyżowa were organised in East Berlin. It was also the place where the meeting with father Adam Żak Ph.D. who later made the representatives of the Catholic Intelligentsia Club from Wrocław interested in Krzyżowa, took place. Researchers on the subject of the Kreisau Circle visited Krzyżowa several times. They saw the continued deterioration of buildings, but because of administrative obstacles, they were not able to do anything.

The Wroclaw Catholic Intelligentsia Club, the attention of which was brought to Krzyżowa, made attempts at rescuing this place. At the international conference in Wrocław (“A Christian in society”) which was held on 02-04.06 1989, that is, on the day of the first partially free elections in Poland, a letter which proposed the establishment of “an international meeting centre for the young generation of Europeans” and of the “museum of the European resistance movement against Nazi Germany” was addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of Poland.

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