In principle, the village of Krzyżowa was not in any way different in 1989 from other similar towns. On the premises of the former von Moltke family property there was a State Agricultural Farm, which used the former manor buildings for the mass production of food. The buildings which constituted the property were of no historic significance for the farm administrators, except for functional significance, and additionally they were owned by the state which resulted in the increasing degradation of the historical value of this place. The fate of the farm buildings, which had fulfilled a similar function before the war was also shared by the palace – the most representative building of the entire complex. As it was never renovated, year after year, its condition became poorer and poorer. For the inhabitants of the village, the courtyard became a sort of a market space, where life went on. Already in the 70s of the 20th century, scientists, historians and persons interested in the history of the von Moltke family became interested in this property. Attempts at bringing attention to the historical value of the buildings made by, among others, professor Karol Jonca from Wrocław University were not well received by the local authorities. Private initiatives taken owing to the involvement of the parish priest in Grodziszcze - Bolesław Kałuża - saved this place from oblivion.

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