Voluntary work / traineeships

Internships can be held at the Krzyżowa Foundation all year round. Candidates do not have any age or education requirements, but we prefer people with good knowledge of the German language. Additional knowledge of other languages is an advantage.

Internships can be carried out in the following departments of the Foundation:

The Krzyżowa Foundation carries out a number of volunteer programmes, both as a host and sending organisation. Our offer is addressed both to young people (volunteering at the IYMC) and adults with professional experience (Volunteering in the Third Age).

Volunteering at the IYMC

Volunteering is carried out in the International Youth Meeting Centre of the Krzyżowa Foundation. We cooperate with volunteer organizations that direct young people to us for a one-year stay.

The task of the volunteers who decide to come to Krzyżowa is, among others, to present the history of Krzyżowa (resistance movement, civil courage, Reconciliation Mass) in an interesting way to the guests of the IYMC, in particular to children and youth. Young people participate in projects implemented at the IYMC - school exchanges, seminars, workshops, and support educational project specialists in their work. In this way, they have the opportunity to get a unique experience.

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