Ecological Garden

Wednesday, 13 April, brought excellent weather. It was difficult to stay in the office on such a warm and cheerful day. For this reason, for the last time before Easter, an event was held in which the Foundation's employees carried out a number of works in the ecological garden.

They used rakes, spades, wheelbarrows and a sieve to sort the soil. The meeting was also an opportunity for cross-departmental discussions with those with whom we do not work every day.

At the end of March, a meeting of Third Age Volunteers took place in Krzyżowa as part of the project "Food - from tradition into modernity". The volunteers joined a campaign to support our guests from Ukraine, who - fleeing war - found a safe shelter in Krzyżowa. The senior citizens brought with them gifts including sweets, drinks and homemade preserves, including pickled vegetables, jams and fruit juices. The gifts were donated to the kitchen, which is used by our guests from Ukraine on a daily basis.

In the second part of the day, the participants took advantage of the good weather to go to the area behind the moat, where an organic garden is being created. Several new elements have been added since the last meeting - the paved path has been completed, the covered pergola has acquired its final appearance, and the first green leaves of the recently sown radishes have appeared in the greenhouse.

Spring work in our ecological garden is underway. And young people play an important role in this work - among others, pupils from the Primary School in Grodziszcze, who take part in workshops as part of the project "Food - from tradition to modernity". Planting plants, tidying up beds and doing a lot of other gardening work is an important part of learning about nature. And as you can see, learning by doing is what the pupils like best.


There was always something wrong lately - either too cold, or too wet, or too windy, etc. We waited a long time, looking for the sun and friendly temperatures, which came on 10 February at the end. On that day, beyond all divisions, as part of the employee campaign, we started the 2022 garden season.

The main task was to prepare the greenhouse for the first crops - the substrate inside was covered with compost and wood chips, we also tidied up the area around the greenhouse. As part of the accompanying works, we tidied up the old foundation's composter, the existence of which probably only a few knew so far, and we carried out liming the area for the orchard.

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