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International Youth Exchange
„Call it freedom…“
…The freedom from and the freedom to…
in European and Arab societies

Seminar for youth from
Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan
6 – 13 June 2022

About the project:
Young people will meet in Krzyżowa to think together and learn from each other about democracy and notion of freedom within diverse societies torn apart by polarisation, instability and other country specific challenges. During the exchange participants will experience how to establish democratic changes, handling diversity, filling the vision of freedom with life and fostering coherence within society.

The Polish village of Krzyzowa (Kreisau) is one of the most important places connected to resistance against the Nazi regime in Germany. It is the place where the Kreisau Circle, a resistance group of intellectuals, dissidents and political activists was formed, many of its members paid their commitment with their lives.

History on tour is a Polish-German youth encounter about history and remembrance. We will visit historical places in Krzyzowa, Wroclaw and Berlin, learn about the Second World War in Poland and Germany and discuss our thoughts and impressions.

We will also spend a great time together – enjoying the peaceful countryside of Krzyzowa, discover interesting places in Wroclaw and Berlin and get to meet new friends. Join us on an exciting trip through history!

Polish-german workcamp „Exploring Krzyżowa and Lower Silesia“ takes part this summer at Krzyżowa.

Work together, have fun, conntect with people, make new friends, get to know another language, explore the place and history of Krzyżowa and Lower Silesia, discuss actual topics together – all this will be part of the german-polish workcamp from August, 22th to August, 28th 2022 in Krzyżowa.

Krzyżowa is a beautiful village in Lower Silesia, near the Owl Mountains, about 60 km far from Wrocław. Thanks to the anti-Nazi resistance group "Kreisau Circle", which was meeting here between 1942 and 1943, and the Polish-German Reconciliation Mass, this place is an important place in the history of relations between both countries.

More than just one truth? Tools and perspectives for historical and political education. INTERNATIONAL YOUTH WORKERS TRAINING

“More than just one truth? Tools and perspectives for historical and political education” is an international training for youth workers and teachers and educators who are active in the field of historical and political education. The training will be an interactive exchange of new perspectives and innovative tools and methods for youth education. The overall aim of the project is to foster tolerance and understanding for each other among young people, counteracting developments like increasing nationalism, racism, hate speech and one-sided views on the past.

The training is divided into three five-day seminars, which will take place in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Krzyżowa (Poland) and Trebnitz (Germany). During each seminar we will deal with different topics and methods, which will be linked to the respective regional and local history. Methods and approaches that will be discussed throughout the project include:

Call for Applications


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